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Two species are used in medicine: Papaver somniferum, the white opium-poppy (see OPIUM), and Papaver rhoeas, the red corn-poppy. The corn-poppy is chie?y used as a colouring agent, its syrup being a brilliant crimson colour.
(English) Resembling the red flower Poppey, Poppi, Poppie, Poppee, Popi, Popie, Popy, Poppea, Popee, Popey, Popea
Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, Invisibility

Poppy | Health Dictionary

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Beneficial Teas

California Poppy tea is a natural remedy against insomnia. It is largely used for its healing properties against anxiety, too. California Poppy Tea description California poppy is an annual or perennial plant, originating from the Pacific coast. Its orange-yellow flowers flourish during spring and midsummer. North Americans used to consume this plant for stress-caused illnesses. Landscape artists appreciate California poppy plant for its beauty. California Poppy tea is the beverage resulting from brewing the abovementioned plant. California Poppy Tea brewing To prepare California Poppy tea, place the flowers, stems and leaves in boiling water for about 10 minutes. California Poppy Tea benefits California Poppy tea has been successfully used to:
  • fight insomnia by ushering in restful sleep
  • fight anxiety
  • fight headaches
  • fight toothaches and stomachaches
  • fight skin sores and ulcers
California Poppy Tea side effects Pregnant women and children should not consume California Poppy tea. California Poppy tea is a healthy beverage able to deal with a large array of diseases such as stomachaches and ulcers and it also proved to be helpful for skin sores.... Beneficial Teas