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(English) A beloved child; a spoiled daughter

Babi, Babie, Babey, Babe, Bebe, Babea, Babeah

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Indian Medicinal Plants


Family: Salicaceae.

Habitat: North India, along the banks of rivers nad water-courses.

English: Weeping Willow.

Siddha/Tamil: Aatru Paalai.

Folk: Giur (Kashmir). Bed.

Action: Leaves and bark— astringent, antipyretic. Used in intermittent and remittent fevers. Bark—anthelmintic. Biological activity of aerial part—antiviral, CNS active, hypothermic.

The leaves are reported to contain delphinidin and cyanidin, fragilin, salicin, salicortin, salidroside, tremu- loidin, triandrin and vimalin. Salicin content in the stems and leaves is reported to be 3 to 4%. The bark yields phenolics—triandrin, salicin, gallocat- echol, catechol.... Indian Medicinal Plants


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