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(Native American) Sight of day; dawn’s child... Medical Dictionary


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Literally, “drink”; a mixture of plants (can be a few or several; i.e. up to 20-30 different plant species) prepared as a strong decoction, boiled for a long time and often sweetened and thickened after boiling with either molasses (melaza) or honey (miel de abeja); similar to a botella; often prescribed for women’s health conditions, especially as a postpartum tonic.... Medicinal Plants


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A procedure for thoroughly washing a patient who is con?ned to bed. It helps to maintain a healthy skin, especially over pressure-points such as elbows, buttocks and heels. An invaluable preventive measure against the development of bed sores (see ULCER).... Medical Dictionary


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Bed bug, or Cimex lectularius, is a wingless, blood-sucking insect, parasitic on humans. It is a ?at, rusty-brown insect, 5 mm long and 3 mm wide, which has an o?ensive, never-forgotten smell and cannot ?y. The average life is 3–6 months, but it can live for a year without food. The bed bug remains hidden during the day in cracks in walls and ?oors, and in beds. It does not transmit any known disease. Eggs hatch out into larvae in 6–10 days, which become adult within about 12 weeks. A temperature of 44 °C kills the adult in an hour. Various agents have been used to disinfect premises, such as sulphur dioxide, ethylene oxide mixed with carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide and heavy naphtha, but insecticide is the most e?ective disinfecting agent.... Medical Dictionary


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See ULCER.... Medical Dictionary


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The continued occupation of a hospital bed by a patient who is ?t to be discharged but requires further care in a nursing home or in a community setting that cannot be arranged because of lack of suitable facilities and/or funding. Bed-blocking has become a common phenomenon in the NHS, particularly in the winter.

The result is that patients who need inpatient care cannot always be admitted. The term ‘bedblockers’ is derogatory and should not be used.... Medical Dictionary


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(German) A goddess; warrior woman Bedah, Bedda, Beddah... Medical Dictionary


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Blood sucking hemipterans belonging to the genus Cimex. Not important in the transmission of disease but can cause irritating allergic response to their saliva.... Dictionary of Tropical Medicine


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(English) From the castle Bedegraine, Bedegrain, Bedegrane, Bedegraene, Bedegrayn, Bedegraen... Medical Dictionary


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(French) Woman of great strength Bedelea, Bedeleah, Bedeliah... Medical Dictionary


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A container made of metal, ?bre or plastic into which a person con?ned to bed can defaecate and, in the case of a female, urinate. Men use a urinal – a ?ask-shaped container – to urinate. Hospitals have special cleaning and sterilising equipment for bedpans. They are much less used than in the past because patients are encouraged to be mobile as soon as possible, and also because bedside commodes are preferred where this is practical.... Medical Dictionary


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(Hebrew) A servant in the king’s house... Medical Dictionary


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(Hebrew) God is her glory Jochebedaa, Jochebedia, Jochebedea... Medical Dictionary


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(American) A well-behaved and complying child

Obeedience, Obediance, Obedienne, Obedianne, Obey, Obeye, Obede, Obedi, Obedie, Obedy, Obedey, Obedee, Obedea... Medical Dictionary


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A collection of industrial diseases which provide those with a disease legal entitlement to welfare bene?ts. Examples are DEAFNESS from excessive noise in the workplace; ANTHRAX from farming; PNEUMOCONIOSIS from industrially generated dust (coal mining); and LEAD POISONING from the handling of chemicals. (See also OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, MEDICINE AND DISEASES.)... Medical Dictionary


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A development of the conventional air-beds. Their essential feature is a mattress which is alternately pressurised by a compressor to create a gentle rippling e?ect along the entire length of the mattress. This provides a continuous massaging motion which stimulates the circulation and helps to maintain the nutrition of the skin, thereby reducing the risk of bed sores (see ULCER – Decubitus ulcer).... Medical Dictionary


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A bed with a water-?lled mattress can help prevent bed sores (see ULCER – Decubitus ulcer) in patients con?ned to bed for more than a few days. Its ?exibility provides uniform support for the whole body. Air beds are now more often used: they are light and more comfortable and the modern version, called a ripple bed, has a little motor that ?lls and empties tubes in the mattress. The patient’s circulation is stimulated and pressure is regularly changed on susceptible parts of the body – elbows, buttocks and heels – thus reducing the likelihood of pressure sores developing, particularly in the elderly.... Medical Dictionary


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Or toes – see also SYNDACTYLY. A deformity sometimes present at birth, and which tends to run in families. The web may be quite a thin structure, or the ?ngers may be closely united by solid tissue. In any case, separation is a matter of considerable di?culty, because, if the web is simply divided, it heals up as before. A special operation is necessary, consisting in turning back a ?ap of the web upon each of the united ?ngers, or some other device to produce healing in the new position.... Medical Dictionary


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(Swahili) The best one Zubedah... Medical Dictionary