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The uppermost of the three bones forming each side of the PELVIS. (See also BONE.)

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Indian Medicinal Plants


Habitat: Native to Southern Europe and South-West Asia; grown in Indian gardens.

English: Madona Lily, Annunciation Lily, White Lily.

Action: Bulb—astringent, demulcent. Used for gynaecological disorders. A decoction of the bulbs in water or milk is given for dropsy; a poultice is applied to tumours, ulcers and skin inflammations. Fresh flowering plant is used in homoeopathy as an antispasmodic; the pollen is used against epilepsy

A total extract stimulates phagocytosis in mice. The bulbs contain alkaloids (pyrroline derivatives), jat- ropham, ethyljatropham and citracon- ic acid imides.

Mucous, tannin, sterine and gluco- side impart anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic and expectorant properties to the bulb.

Bulbs of Lilium species contain soluble polysaccharides (glucomannans), starch, gamma-methylene glutamic acid and tuliposide.... Indian Medicinal Plants


Indian Medicinal Plants


Family: Liliaceae.

Habitat: Temperate Himalayas from Kumaon and Garhwal to Sikkim, Khasi and Aka hills and Manipur at altitudes of 1,200-3,000 m.

Folk: Gaayotraa (Jaunsar).

Action: Leaves—used as an external cooling applications to alleviate pains of wounds and bruises.... Indian Medicinal Plants


Indian Medicinal Plants

D. Don.

Family: Liliaceae.

Habitat: Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh.

Ayurvedic: Kaakoli, Madhuraa, Kshira, Vayhasthaa, Karnikaa, Vaayasoli.

Action: Tuberous root—used as a tonic in emaciation and as a source of energy, after dry roasting.

Dosage: Tuberous root—3-6 g. (API, Vol. III.)... Indian Medicinal Plants


Indian Medicinal Plants


Family: Liliaceae.

Habitat: Native to China and Japan; cultivated in Indian gardens.

English: Tiger Lily, Crumple Lily.

Action: Bulbs—used as a cardiac tonic. Flowers—used for ovarian neuralgia, also recommended in myoptic astigmia.

The bulbs of Lilium martagon Linn., Turk's Cap Lily, also possesses cardio- tonic properties and are used in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea; externally for ulcers.

Folk: Findora. Badai (Lushai).

Action: Dried bulb scales— demulcent; used like salep in pectoral complaints.... Indian Medicinal Plants


Indian Medicinal Plants

Schutt. f.

Family: Liliaceae.

Habitat: Western Himalayas, Nepal, Lushai hills, Manipur and hills of South India at altitudes of 3002,400 m.... Indian Medicinal Plants


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Milium is a pinhead white cyst of the skin of the face containing corneal cells. It can be removed on the point of a sterile needle.... Medical Dictionary