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A persisting painful ERECTION of the PENIS occurring without sexual stimulation. It is a rare but acute condition that requires immediate treatment. The cause is the failure of blood to drain from the spongy corpus caversonum tissues of the penis, thus maintaining an erection. This may happen because of infection, damage to the nerves controlling the blood vessels, or a clotting defect in the blood.

Priapism | Health Dictionary

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The male organ through which the tubular URETHRA runs from the neck of the URINARY BLADDER to the exterior at the meatus or opening. URINE and SEMEN are discharged along the urethra, which is surrounded by three cylindrical bodies of erectile tissue, two of which (corpora cavernosa) lie adjacent to each other along the upper length of the penis and one (corpus spongiosum) lies beneath them. Normally the penis hangs down in a ?accid state in front of the SCROTUM. When a man is sexually aroused the erectile tissue, which is of spongy constituency and well supplied with small blood vessels, becomes engorged with blood.

This makes the penis erect and ready for insertion into the woman’s vagina in sexual intercourse. The end of the penis, the glans, is covered by a loose fold of skin – the foreskin or PREPUCE – which retracts when the organ is erect. The foreskin is sometimes removed for cultural or medical reasons.

A common congenital disorder of the penis is HYPOSPADIAS, in which the urethra opens somewhere along the under side; it can be repaired surgically. BALANITIS is in?ammation of the glans and foreskin. (See also REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM; EJACULATION; IMPOTENCE; PRIAPISM.)... Medical Dictionary