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Steriods | Health Dictionary

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Indian Medicinal Plants


Family: Asclepiadacae.

Habitat: Punjab and South India.

Folk: Khappar-kaddu, Bhuu-tumbi, Paataal-tumbi. Gilothi. Galot (Punjab). Gilodya.

Action: Tuberous root—used for diarrhoea and dysentery.

The fresh tubers are eaten after removing the bitterness by boiling. The bitter principle is an alkaloid, ceropegine. The tuber contains 42.52% starch and possesses refrigerant property.

The aqueous extract of edible Cero- pegia sp. contains steriods, polyphenols, sugars and potassium. It potentiated pentobarbitone hypnosis and exhibited analgesic and diuretic activities. It also antagonized histamine-induced asphyxia in guinea pigs.

C. candelabrum L. var. biflora (L.) M. Y. Ansari, synonym C. biflora L., C. tuberosa Roxb., C. intermedia auct. non-Wt., are also equated with Bhuu- tumbi, Paataal-tumbi.... Indian Medicinal Plants